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Jan 19, 2013 11:05am EST
. it was president clinton who actually started the immelt as a day of the chelsea clinton kicked off all of the events happening at the national mall today. we have a lot of resources on line for you to see the inauguration this weekend. we will have a special video feeds and behind-the-scenes photos. >> that is exactly right. putting oxygen in here. until someone else arrives. [indiscernible] >> we have first aid kits, survival kits. we of first aid for cats and dogs. we have a swimming clauses. -- swimming classes. sign up for anything that you want. >> thank you very much. >> those of you more interested, -- whoa r are interested, go to the mannequin over there. learn how to save a life. thank you very much. [indiscernible] >> straight up and over. [indiscernible] >> getting a lesson in cpr at the national mall at the red cross both. this is a national day of service. we're looking at this while we wait to take you to an elementary school in northeast d.c. president obama and his family will be volunteering theire ahed of his swearing-in ceremony for his second term. it wi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1